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Enchanted Kingdom.....

Everytime my husband is here in the Philippines, we didn't missed to visit Enchanted Kingdom! I can't count many times we've been there!

Enchanted Kingdom is the first and only world-class theme park open the whole year round. The park is actually a combination of the enthralling past and the state of the art technology of the information age-- the quaint and the sophisticated, the picturesque and the dazzling.

Enchanted Kingdom has 7 different zones, each offering different rides, attractions and experiences. These include Victoria Park, Boulderville, Midway Boardwalk, Jungle Outpost, Brooklyn Place, Portabello and Spaceport.

Try the beautiful Grand Carousel, which is the centerpiece of this grand gateway. Boulderville is just a matter of steps away, where our kids enjoyed on kiddie rides from Bumbling Boulders, Stone Eggs to Dinosaurus. Midway Boardwalk has the most number of rides and attractions.
But Anchors Away is the number one that i really hate on all the rides there. At the Jungle Outpost one should not miss a ride at the Jungle Log Jam, which will sends you through cascading turns, twists and falls. Catch the latest digital movie at Rialto. At Spaceport, you will see the Space Shuttle, the country's first and only triple loop roller coaster. Which i didn't like to ride again. One try is enough for me!

Ooooooppppssss.....the Portabello! I love the Rio Grande Rapids, it feels to ride down the river rapids..... even we always became very wet. Make a wonderful day together with your family at Enchanted Kingdom!

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