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Star City

Last year 2006, month of September when me and my husband decided to visit Star City. A 35,000-square meter area located at the heart of CCP Complex in Pasay City, Star City is the country’s premiere theme park.

Star City is operated by a group of professionals with years of experience in the retail, entertainment and amusement fields. In addition to, transfer of technology and know-how in these specific fields of expertise was achieved through the engagement of various consultants. It contracted the services of these foreign experts to provide their competence in the fields of amusement, retail, and attractions.

Star City evolved to its current grandeur from its successful stint at the Philippine Center for International Trade and Exhibitions. It was one of the kiddie attractions of the Toys and Gifts Fair until it started as a separate entity in 1991.

Star City is pioneer in introducing the concept of mixing retail with amusement, a trend being followed by most malls today where they integrate rides with shopping. Star City combines maximum shopping with maximum enjoyment attractions all focus on serving the target market, the Filipino family, schools, and companies. Here, the visitors will escape to a friendly stimulating sequence of worlds field with a mixture of maximum value shops and spectacular world-class attractions.

Today, it is tagged as the “Entertainment Center of the Philippines” with the creation of Star Theater which saw the innovative fusion of ballet and circus magic blending marvelously well with the family fun atmosphere found only at Star City.

Following the impressive success of Star Theater, it is now home to a state-of-the-art 3,000-seat Aliw Theater. Foreign artists like Dionne Warwick, Stephen Bishop, Sergio Mendez, and Toto have brought jam-packed crowd to this most modern performance venue. Likewise, local artists perform regularly too.

With many new and exciting add-ons every year, Star City continuously expands its list of entertainment choices, enabling it to successfully increase its visitor arrival.

World-class attractions characterize Star City’s vision to provide the Filipino family, students, and professionals the amusement they rightfully deserve. Star City is the home of the country’s first 360-degree Zyklon Loop, the two-tiered French Grand Carousel, the King of the Jungle (Ice Palace), the horrific Western Ghost Town, and the all-time favorite, the Wild River.

After riding roller coaster, entering in Snow White Antique Cars, Little Mermaid Boat Ride, Lion King Boat Ride.....we decided to go inside the horror house named "Kilabot ng Mummy".

Be thrilled with the realistic design of this walk through attraction themed after the Egyptian legends and fabled stories of the mummy. For me and my husband this was really great. I really very afraid on this horror house because of its design. Aside from of course very dark inside, it have a lots of mirror on our way. I don't know where will i go, coz it was myself that i saw on my way. I really pull the shirts of my husband and im really shouting a lot until exit. This was really amazing. An experience that i can't forget on this Star City.

To the average Filipino, Star City is the family entertainment center where shopping, food, rides, and walk-through amusement halls hold center stage. Next time that we will be back again on this amusement park, we will bring our 4kids to enjoy a lot.

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