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Splash Island....

Beating the summer heat away from the pollution and noise, the water park has always been on the list of families and groups who seek adventure and cutting-edge entertainment. And the Splash Island is number 1 in our list. During summertime, while my husband is here in the Philippines, we always go to swim on that water park.

Known as the largest water park in the country, Splash Island contains more than 12 water attractions and can accommodate 6,000 guests at any given time. Of world-class standards, the park boasts of diverse slides, pools and other attractions for guests of all ages.

Among the attractions are the Dos Supremos and King Pilipit slides with plenty of turns and giant twisters. The Big Bam Boo, Twisted Palms and Tausug Trails offer riders on inner tubes with thrilling back-to-back 360 degree turns, full circle curves and down-the-tube dives.
Moreover, for those who opt for edge-of-your-seat thrills, they can try the Magellan's Drop, a long, four-level slide where riders race their way to pool level.

There's a special place for youngsters where at least six attractions around the park are designed in a kid-friendly way. The Curl of the Orient, Camp Carambola and the Twin Coco Knots are actually baby versions of the big slides. In Bannakita, children can have a river adventure while the Boon Docks gives them a delightful wilderness expedition.
On the other hand, the tykes will have the time of their lives in the Water Wahoo attraction, an interactive kiddie pool with innovative water play activities.

A great deal of park habitues find relaxation in the Balsa River floating easy on a raft as they drift along the gently flowing river around the park which flows at a pace of three miles per hour.

Another group ride attraction is the Rio Montanosa, a breathtaking mountain high river raft ride the entire family will rave about. The grand entertainment package comes with high-level security and convenience where the park employs close to a hundred pool technicians, life guards, guest relations officers and security personnel. Clean water is assured through a centralized filtration system located at the center of the park. A team of pool technicians perform an hourly check on the water to make sure that it is healthy for treading.

Our 4kids are always happy and enjoy a lot on swimming and take a slides on different slides on this place. While my husband, as usual.....he is enjoying a lot on taking a lot of photos.

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