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Fun Shopping at Greenhills Virramall.....

Greenhills Virramall is one of the country's institutional malls of Metro Manila. It was my mother and my brothers that first bring us on that shopping center. Then after many times that we have been there with my family,, it was only me and my husband that learned how to go there.

Considered one of the older shopping centers in the Philippines, the Greenhills Complex is not as modern as the recently established malls in the country. Known for being a covered, air-conditioned bazaar and "bangketa", the Greenhills complex includes Virramall and Shoppesville.

Aptly called Virra Mall, it has withstood the test of time and is today, one of the leading landmarks of Metro Manila's shopping scene. The best range, and the best prices are to be found in this huge mall. Depending on what you are looking for, and how accomodating the establishment is likely to be, there are still shopkeepers willing to drop a few percentage points if they sense you are going to walk out of the negotiation.

Virra Mall is one of the favorite destinations for the best bargains when it comes to shopping, but it would still be hard to beat for the variety of choices it can offer. Virra Mall offers a lot more of interesting merchandise from the latest cellular phone model, ipods, to the most sophisticated laptops to imported shoes and bags to stranded pearls and Chinese goodies, houses flea markets, boutiques specializing in clothes, computer and electronics stores. Shoppers are also assured of affordable decorative items, jewelry, loose gems, pearls, antiques, and household wares which are sold in stalls located in the middle of the shopping complex and even daily Bingo socials.

Shopping was never this fun and easy, and it's definitely got more rewards than just window shopping!

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