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Batangas Beach....

One summer month of year 2003, every member of our family wants to go swimming in one of the many beaches in Batangas. Then we choose Munting Buhangin Beach Resort.

But sadly to know, that when we already there, the security guard inform us that it was temporary close, meaning that for a meantime the resort will not accept visitors/customers coz they are already full. So, we try on other beach resort but that time almost all the public beaches are already full. Private beaches needs reservation first before you can enter. Then there's a lot of man in the road offering other beach resort but we need to ride a boat first before we can go on that resort. Of course, we accept it coz we are already travel a lot going to Batangas.

While we are on a boat, im very very afraid because im a person that always expecting the unexpected moment, that's why im thinking.....what if i will fall from the boat or something will happen bad on the boat? I'm very afraid not for myself, but on my 3kids that didn't know yet how to swim and especially i'm very afraid coz i have a baby on my womb. Yap....I'm 7-months pregnant. But at last, we reached the resort safely. They will come back on the given time just to pick up again on going home.

All the kids, brothers and sister and even my mother became busy on swimming, while me and my husband are walking and taking a lot of pictures on that resort. Then we found out that this resort is offering also to ride a jetski. One of my husband hobby is riding a jetski. In fact, he had his own jetski in Japan. So, we rent it for one hour for the amount of P3,000. He ride one by one of my family member, (even me) and he is teaching them especially my younger sister and brothers. I didn't afraid that time coz i trust my husband a lot and i believe that he will be careful and not allow that something bad will happen on me especially on his baby on my womb. Unlike what i fell a while ago while we are on a boat.

We bring a lot of foods, so we starting to eat our lunch, just like picnic on that beach. Then swim again and after an hours, we decided to go home!


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BatangasNgaun said...

is this from laiya batangas or balete?

mgrozman said...

great view, have u seen mabini?