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Manila Zoo....

An all-time place of attraction for the people of all ages, both children and adults alike, is the zoo. At first, me and my husband only visit Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden last month of September, year 2005! While we are checking-in in Lotus Garden Hotel, that was before my husband will come back in Japan. We checked it first so that the next time that he will visit again here in the Philippines, we will bring all our kids there.

So, when he came back before christmas on that same year, we bring all our kids in Manila Zoo. The zoo is located at the corner of Mabini Street and Harrison Street in Malate. It is open from 7am to 6pm daily. Entrance fee is P40 for non-Manilans, P20 for Manila residents, P10 for kids below four feet tall.

The Manila Zoological & Botanical Garden, shelters a collection of Philippine and exotic African wildlife. Spectators can have a quantity of time gazing at the different animals including our local tamaraw (Philippine water buffalo), mouse deer (smallest deer in the world), Palawan pheasant and the Philippine eagle. All of which are considered endangered species. Manila Zoo is the favorite place for educational field trips or barkada and family outings. You will see here different animals like the elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, tigers, hippopotamus, owls, python, iguana, monkeys, birds and a lot more. There is also a playground that kids can swing, slide, etc.! We ride also on a small boat and starting to rowing on their lagoon.

There's a small canteen inside the zoo, where we ate our lunch and snacks. My husband and i are very sweet eating "halo-halo". There is also have a Kinder Zoo inside the vicinity where kids can freely touch the birds or ostrich, butterflies, put the small python on their neck or ride on the horse.

Kids will surely enjoy the Manila Zoo, like our 4kids and a really nice experience for them!

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Kirstz said...

When I was a child I've been to Manila Zoo and it was so fun to saw in person a different animals. This kind of park is really good for educational tours and children will surely enjoy for this kind of activity. Thanks.