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Taytay Falls in Majayjay.....

My younger sister said that Taytay Falls in Majayjay is a beautiful place to visit and show it on my husband. That's why we planned to go there on one summer day.

Taytay Falls is located at Barangay Gagalot Majayjay, Laguna. One must hike about 15 minutes through a small path to reach the falls. the path is slippery at some sections and is just a couple of feet from the almost - vertical side of the mountain. I'm very afraid coz that time i'm 7-months pregnant. But with the help of my sweet and thoughtful husband, everything goes well. I reached the falls.

Taytay Falls has one of the clearest flowing water that we have seen. The water flows from Mount Banahaw, through the mountain's lush and untouched forest which keeps the water clear even during heavy rains. The water temperature is very cold even during summer but for people who are not used to cold water, they can still take a swim for a few minutes before their teeth should start to chatter.

As usual all my 3 kids, nephew, sister and brother are enjoyed again on swimming and splashing that cold water. My husband are busy again to take a lot of pictures as serve as our memories on that place. While me and my mother are only sitting and watching them because i can't move a lot on that rocky place coz of my condition. I'm carrying a big baby boy on my tummy. But seeing them that they are enjoying a lot, i feel very enjoy too on our trip because their happiness is my happiness also!

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