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Pagsanjan Falls....

Do you like adventure? Visit to Pagsanjan Falls is the best choice! If youre a nature lover and a thrill seeker, Pagsanjan Falls is one of the places to be. Last September 20,2005 we went to Pagsanjan Falls for a visit. We checked-in in one of the hotel there named "Hotel La Corona". The standard room is P1,800 for overnight. The place is full of green and jagged mountains, big rocks and the air still and softly humming with forest sounds, a pleasant sound of nature. The thrill of canoeing (banca ride) cost P660 per person with a maximum of 2 or 3 persons per boat. Through the challenging pathways administered by the expert boatmen to get to the falls is really amazing. The boatman has to push or lift the banca over shallows or other obstructions. The return journey, however is very thrilling, as the boats negotiate the rapids. It is really very thrilling! I like it a lot than riding a roller coaster. And sitting on a banca is really very sweet position together with your loved one! TIP: Weekdays are best to avoid crowds! Bring a change of clothes because you WILL GET WET! And dont forget your camera!!!

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