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Rizal Park.....

One very hot day of the month of January, year 2004, after we visit the Intramuros, we decided to go also in Rizal Park, formerly known as Luneta. It is the Manila City's chief landmark. Rizal Park is one of the largest parks in Southeast Asia. It features monuments, artist's haven, japanese garden and the lights and cultural show of Dr. Jose Rizal. Historically, this is the place where national hero Jose Rizal was executed.

Rizal Park is a large field with an elevated strolling ground, gardens, wide pathways, fountains, ponds, playground are among the many attractions, bounded by Roxas Boulevard and ending at the sea wall facing Manila Bay. In the central portion of Rizal Park stands Rizal Monument, a guarded memorial to the national hero. It built through public subscription to honor the Philippine patriot, Dr. Jose Rizal. The statue was cast in Switzerland; all distances from Manila are measured from its adjacent flagpole. Behind the monument is a series of plaques inscribed with Rizal's poem "Mi Ultimo Adios" (My Last Farewell). A marble slab highlights the spot where Rizal met his martyr's death by firing squad, while an obelisk marks the site of the earlier executions of Filipino priests Gomez, Burgos and Zamora. To the north side, along Burgos Street, are the Chinese garden, Planetarium, Japanese garden and Orchidarium (but small entrance fee needed for each).

Northwest of the park, next to Quirino Grandstand, is the Manila Hotel, once the most exclusive address in the Pacific. Along the Kalaw Street side of Rizal Park sits the National Library. Near the park's central lagoon, a group of speaking - and hearing - impaired people run a food kiosk, offering a cool spot from which to people - watch. Alternatively, head to the tried-and-true Harbor View Restaurant, where we relaxed after lots of walking and we ate our dinner while watching the sunset over Manila Bay.

Then after that tiring day, we come home from Manila to Laguna......but we really enjoyed a lot!

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