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Picnic Grove Park in Tagaytay.....

Picnic Grove Park is the best place in Tagaytay to view the majestic Taal Lake and Volcano! With an entrance fee of P25 per person and a car parking fee of P20! Taal volcano is the smallest volcano in Asia! Very scenic! It is only 300-meter (1,000 feet) high! A crater within a lake! As one of the smallest, most active volcanoes in the world, it smolders and occassionally rumbles, always presenting a dramatic sight! Since it's first known eruption in 1572, Taal has erupted over 40 times! The peaceful atmosphere and cool weather of Tagaytay especially when you are viewing Taal volcano from the view deck of picnic grove, was the most breathtaking experience i ever had! We always look forward to going back to Tagaytay everytime my husband is visiting us here in the Philippines! The delicious "nilagang bulalo" which is their specialty dish became the favorite meal of my husband. And not to mention the special "bibingka" that you can buy from food stands along the way is really yummy!!! But the atmosphere is really great especially to those who are in love! It is a very romantic and quite place! You can just sit and hug your love ones and talk about anything under the sun. I like the sheer beauty of Taal volcano! Helped me appreciate more of my country's natural place given by GOD, our Creator!!!

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