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Majestic Taal Lake in Tagaytay.....

On January 27, 2004 we went to Taal Lake to be amazed on an awesome picturesque place that must be seen in person! A banca (pumpboat) cost Php.2,500 with a safety life jacket can be hired from Talisay to cross the lake and hike up from the crater, though it is advisable to take a guide and drinking water and also with a mexican hat! You can rent the hat for Php 20.00. We decided to climbed it up without riding a horse! It is my first experience in hiking! Im very tired, thirsty, with a hot feeling and feel very dirty! This placed is very dusty! But when I reached the top and saw the majestic Taal Lake, Im really amazed of its beauty! A breathtaking view from the top! Another wonder of the world! Really great feeling to be there and watching it! I enjoyed it and I recommend it for anyone to go and see this marvelous scenic view! "Dont forget your Camera!!!"

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