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On January, year 2004 we go to Intramuros for a visit! Intramuros is the ancient walled city erected by the Spanish more than 4 centuries ago to repel attacks from foreign rivals. It was extensively damaged during World War II, but many sections have undergone restoration and present a vivid picture of life during Spanish rule! It is the Spain's major position in the islands. Many filipinos were imprisoned and killed here during World War II. This place really gives us a glimpse of the past. Captures the essence of what was Manila before and what is Philippines today. This place is really gives you an idea of how the Philippines was in the Spanish era! All the churches there are all amazing. But i think Philippine government tourism will need to remove squaters around the area. It will look good if squaters and homeless people sleep around the vicinity will be remove or relocated. It doesn't look safe or decent place to be a tourist area!

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